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It’s all about La Fulvia?

This is the report from May 23rd about the RFM-Meeting in Cremona – loosely translated with some new photos plus remarks by Josef Wöss.

There are several ways to approach classic cars (or this time the city of Cremona). Some enjoy the history of Lancia, their car’s design or simply the Italian way of life. As for me, I am dedicated to the racing history of the marque.

It was a great pleasure to participate in a classic Lancia meeting in May, organised by the „Romans Fulvia Mob“, an informal group of dedicated Fulvia enthusiats. Initiated by Prof. Andrea Nistri from Romans (Friuli, Italy), supported by Huib Gerinks website. Andrea offers a lot of advise to Fulvia owner’s in his position as the official Fulvia advisor of the largest Lancia club in the world, the Lancia Motor Club. Aditionally, he is very good in sourcing classic Lancias in the area of Trieste and he provided several Fulvias to friends all over the world.

There is a gathering every year, this time perfectly organised by Walter and Maria Passerini in their hometown Cremona. The city offering tremendous pleasures, cultural as well as culinary plus automotive ones (Mille Miglia!).

Highlight definitely being the Stradivari-Museum in the Palazzo Communale. The surrounding area of Cremona is also well worth visiting, and I’d like to point out the village of Pizzighettone, the Natural Park along the river Adda and the very interesting cheese manufacturing site (e.g. Grana Paddano) in the village of Soresina.

Coincidentally, there was also the Mille Miglia passing through Cremona on it’s last stage before the finish in Brescia. The enthusiastic visitors cheered to the fantastic cars while passing through the small streets as well as the main piazza for several hours. 19 Lancias took part in this year’s run, 2 Lambda, 2 Aprilia, 14 Aurelia and some Appia, hugely applauded on the piazza.

If you do not own a working Fulvia, get in touch with these enthusiasts, preferbly through the website. So you will enjoy „Gran Turismo“ in your Fulvia as well!

Here is the list of cars: 1,6 HF (amaranto montebello), Montecarlo, 2 x Sport 1,3, Berlina, 4 x 1,3, 1,3 S, rallye 1,3, 1,3 HF, Fulvia 2, Flaminia GTL, Gamma Coupé, Flavia milleotto und Delta Intrale (as a family car).



The Consiglieri Austriaci: Ernst Marquart and Thomas Ceschka. guided by their mission to keep these cars running properly, expertly tuned and most importantly properly interpreted in their automotive context in their home country as well.

The Conisgliere from the Lancia Club in Torino: Giovanni Maggioni as visited the Lancia meeting at Cremona, arriving from an ASI regiustration session in Milano in his official Lancia Club position.

A well-working Fulvia Berlina GT – originally 150.000 kms on the clock, engine never simatled, great performer under all crcumstances. The car received some attention to the cylinder head (e.g. New timing) – it does not look that smart as it still has to fight for being perceived as a collector’s item, however, a real benchmark for early Fulvia Berlinas!

A Flaminia GT receiving special washing treatment by the owner of this petrol station. Incredibly: 20 mins of MANUAL attention, perfect finsih for the price of a small pasta dish! Keep up the enthusiasm!

J.E.W / 6.2007


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