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Barnfind Flaminia Coupé

Commiss. Lancia

Blame it on Lancianews!

This summer Lancianews provided some advice on how to spend your holidays. This included looking at Lancias in barnfind condition.

Lancia Flaminia Coupé - Front
Please have a look ..

It’s a Flaminia Coupé!

Well, the Lancianews team did exactly that and suddenly there was one more car in the team’s garage: the utterly elegant Flaminia Coupé. The Flaminia Coupé represents a milestone in car design of the late ‘50s. It influenced many designs to come. Think only Peugeot 404. So a worthy addition to our garage.

Lancia Flaminia Coupé - Rückleuchte

Lancianews has been favouring cars in original condition for a long time. But finding them becomes rarer and rarer with increasing interest. Many concours d’elegance have an own class dedicated to well preserved cars. Auction houses boost prices of barnfind condition cars.

Lancia Flaminia Coupé - Motorraum

Thus, barnfind cars meet the collector’s desire to hunt down the “original specimen”, the authentic and unchanged car. Impossible to replicate after a restorer’s intervention.

Lancia Flaminia Coupé - Innenraum

Here are some of the strong points why this specific Flaminia Coupé could not be missed:

• Original “Grigio Albany” paint coat, a little bit faded in places
• Complemented by the original green Connolly leather interior (the Italians call it “verdino”), most importantly the leather is still soft
• Honest mileage
• No major rust problems
• Mechanics absolutely untouched.

Lancia Flaminia Coupé

The car will need a “major re-commissioning ” if intended to be used. This will mean going through all the car’s systems having preservation in mind rather than restoration.

Lancianews will report on progress with this Pininfarina Coupé. We hope to promote interest in this exclusive Lancia model, still heavily undervalued – think: is the Coupé the best Flaminia model?

To wet your mouth here are two other barnfind Lancias:
Lancianews-team / October 2011

Lancia Flaminia Coupé

Some additional information on the Lancia Flaminia Coupé – out of Sergio Puttinis “Lancia Fulvia, Fulvia, Flaminia”, GiorgioNadaEditore, Milano, 1989:

  • Flaminia Coupé  823.00/823.01 – 3.201 built from 1959 to 1962
    V6 2.458 ccm, 119 PS/5.100 rpm, 1.440 kg
  • Flaminia Coupé 3B  823.02/823.03 – 950 built from 1962 to 1963
    V6 2.458 ccm, 128 PS/5.600 rpm, 1.520 kg
  • Flaminia Coupé 3B 2,8 – 826.030/826.031 – 1.085 built from 1963 to 1967
    V6 2.775 ccm, 140 PS/5.400 rpm, 1.520 kg.

Routeclassiche Luglio 2011: Mercato Quotazioni – Coupé 15.000,- €

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