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Fulvia-Meeting Oktober 2019 in Biella


Lancianews hatte Ende September kurz auf das Fulvia-Meeting in Biella hingewiesen und das Zuhausebleiben bedauert. Aber Lady Fulvia Francesca Pasetti fuhr nach Biella und hat uns einen kurzen Bericht mit einigen privaten Fotos zur Verfügung gestellt. Grazie mille, Francesca.


Foto der Fulvia-Parade in Balocco – von FCA gesperrt!


Meeting started on the Saturday morning in Piazza Duomo of Biella. Accreditations and then it started the tour to FCA-Proving Ground “Pista Balocco”.

We did some rounds on the circuit and then went to buffet lunch, pictures with VIPs and autographs on books, models, pictures. Then again, some turns on the circuit, I drove on a Fanalone with a friend.

Fulvia-Meeting Biella 2019 – Lady Fulvia mit Simo Lampinen und John Davenport
Fulvia-Meeting Biella 2019 – Gianni Tonti im Kreise seiner Mechaniker
Fulvia-Meeting Biella 2019 – zwei der ehemaligen Werks-Fulvias






After this started the conference. Amilcare Ballestrieri was deeply moved remembering Leo Cella, after his death on the circuit of Balocco in 1968 he began to drive a Lancia, and Sandro Munari saying that he hopes he will feel better soon, but all we know how his situation is. Lots of applause.


Foto von der Konferenz in Balocco – von FCA gesperrt!


John Davenport remember the style of drive of Sandro Munari calling it the fastest, apologizing at Simo Lampinen, who sat beside him.

Arnaldo Bernacchini remember how Amilcare Ballestrieri called himself „Artista“ making a perfect U-curve but just as lucky.

Gianni Tonti told his start at the Reparto Corse Lancia, with only six mechanics. In the hall there were two of them present: Luigino Podda Podda and Antonio „Scintilla“ Gianelli.

The Saturday ended with some tests on pressure switches (“prove di abilità) near a famous factory of Kashmir. In the evening Light dinner in a farmhouse.


Foto der „alten Helden“ von der Abendveranstaltung – von FCA gesperrt!


On Sunday morning we met again on the Piazza Duomo in Biella. Start for a mountain tour until Oropa, a few kilometres away from Biella. At midday Lunch and leave.

On I see just now that soon will be official pictures.

Francesca Pasetti / 10.2019


FCA prohibited to make pictures with own cameras/mobiles inside Balocco and the conference. [That’s real customer-treatment.]


Nachsatz des zuhausgebliebenen Historikers:

Es waren vier ehemalige Werks-Fulvias – TO A63484 (Rallye Mediterrané 1969, dann umgebaut zu F&M Nr 2) – TO B98534 (RAC 1970) – TO H25669 (24 Stunden Chamonix 1974) und TO H25670 (San Martino di Castrozza 1973) sowie eine Fulvia Sport Competizione 1968 gekommen.

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