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Bill Jamiesons „Capolavoro“ – 2. Auflage


The author takes us on a journey from Vincenzo Lancia’s early career and racing successes to the radical concept of the Lambda; from the unconventional prototype through the evolution of nine successive series of this famous model.

Bill Jamieson – Capolavoro 2. Auflage

We gain a close-up view of working conditions in the Lancia Factory, and share the triumphs and disappointments of the Lambda in competition.

Bill Jamieson – Capolavoro 2. Auflage


By today’s mass production standards, a total output of just 13,000 units over some nine years is miniscule, but such was the significance of the Lambda that this was more than enough to ensure a permanent place in history for the car and its creator.


Bill Jamieson – Capolavoro 2. Auflage

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Prof. Dr. Joachim Griese / 10.2010

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